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About Mosaic Employee Benefits

Mosaic Employee Benefits is a comprehensive resource for business owners' Employee Benefits programs and Human Resource administrative solutions. We provide a full evaluation, which will allow us to understand priorities, propose in-depth strategies and implement programs that are not only cost effective for the company, but for the employees as well.

We take into consideration every unique aspect of a company to determine the appropriate approach for their benefit program. We educate clients on the insurance market and regulatory issues to ensure they understand not only our approach, but what can be expected each year. In addition, we educate employees to ensure they use the plan(s) correctly and in the best way possible. However, we don't stop there; we provide strategic partners and resources that can assist with HR functions and questions, administration, and legal issues, such as ERISA.

It's not only our mission, but our devotion to be the backbone and solutions to a company and their Employee Benefit and HR needs.

To find more information on Mosaic Employee Benefits, we invite you to visit:

***Mosaic Employee Benefits is a separate division of Mosaic Wealth Consulting, and is not associated with Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp.

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